Meaningful Emotional Support for At-Risk Vets

The US Department of Veterans Affairs says that up to 80% of homeless veterans suffer from mental health and/or substance abuse disorders, which often complicates the path into and out of homelessness. Underlying causes of these disorders are varied and can stem from the traumatic environments in which they served or their return home, including:

  • Difficulties returning to civilian life
  • Military sexual assault
  • Witnessing a death or suicide
  • Combat
  • Physical impairments
  • Unemployment, debt or other financial challenges
  • Other trauma

These events can have lingering effects that impact a veteran’s ability to secure affordable housing. To give at-risk veterans the best chance to get off the streets and stay off, Disabled Veterans Charities directs funding to local Southern California organizations that offer programs to help them better cope so they can improve their lives and those of their loved ones.

With grants earmarked towards organizations like US Veterans Initiatives, Disabled Veterans Charities aims to ensure homeless veterans have access to comprehensive mental health services and support that can help them reduce their emotional pain and reestablish positive relationships.

Please contact us at 800-435-7328 or to learn more about Disabled Veterans Charities.